Misconceptions or misunderstandings about how slots work

It’s common for players to possess misconceptions or misunderstandings about how slots work. This is often only natural, as you’re playing a game where you personally haven’t any way of knowing is really fair or not – you’ve simply need to pass the game’s certification.

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However, a few of misconceptions come up time and time again with free slots – and we’re getting to clear a couple of them up now. Firstly, while casinos can request different RTP settings from a software provider (if they’re offered), a casino can’t simply change the way a game plays. Similarly, game developers can’t just update their games either, if they need to form changes, they need to travel through the whole testing process again – so while it are often tempting to think “this game feels different, it’s changed” – it’s simply a case of your luck turning.

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Slots also all use a random number generator (RNG) to get the result. This suggests that the slot has no memory of previous gameplay – so each spin is an independent event. What this suggests for you, is that it doesn’t matter if you’ve had 100 winning or losing spins on the trot – subsequent spin is simply as likely to win or lose because the last. You’re never “due” a win – and don’t be fooled into thinking that slots are getting to payout, just because they haven’t done so during a while. This will apply to free bonus without deposit fruit machines in bars and pubs – but it’s not relevant if you’re playing video slots online.

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